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Le meilleur de la blogosphère française

Le meilleur de la blogosphère française

By Matthieu Boisseau

With all the buzz about blogs in the UK media, we thought it would be useful for all our dear Francophile readers (truly : you) to provide you with a selection of the best French blogs.


It is fair to say this list is shamelessly subjective, as it uses no other metric than personal opinion. However, you will certainly agree that the fantastic independent blogs you will find below are all managed by great web writers. In a way, they are the figureheads of the aspiration to a larger freedom of expression Internet has dragged since its creation.


Fashion, Politics, Music, Arts, Gastronomy, Sports, and much more : the best of French  blogosphere stands just below...Simply enjoy.

French bloggers in London


This blog hosted by Libération's website is ideal for all French people living in London, as it tackles, in French, all issues which are likely to draw their attention, from the Royal Wedding to the good places to visit. Special credit must be given to the style of the articles.


This one is dedicated to all parents planning to visit London with their kids. Although the design of the blog is a bit kitsch, it really gives brilliant tips to enjoy your time in London with your whole family...even if it is raining !

Last, but not least, as this one is probably the best French blog about London. With plenty of great photos and a wide range of topics, the author of this blog perfectly knows how to get his experience as a Londoner across.